The Hansen Brothers

Andreas Borch Hansen, Benjamin Borch Hansen, David Borch Hansen, barry thebeaver, muzui

Our Story

Three brothers, three years, three complementary backgrounds, one common denominator... We love technology and games. We started playing Pong in the 80's on our parents' TV set and are thrilled to be part of the present revolution of gaming by bridging the gap between the mobile phone and the computer.

Muzui develops games that break the boundaries of age, gender, and race and provides unique experiences for the millions of Muzui aficionados to share, dream, and learn.

Learn more about our digital ideology on our blog, where we deconstruct the common views on start-ups and technology.

How To Touch Base

Feel free to drop a mail to meet up or have a chat. You can follow our ramblings on Twitter. Barry... that little self-promoting rodent... has also set up his own Twitter account to share his beaverlistic love, as he says. He is very promiscous in his "follow back", so feel free to follow him.

Andreas Borch Hansen, CEO
Our strongminded CEO who never loses a argument... Mostly because he's stubborn as heck

David Borch Hansen, CTO
Our crazy tech guru who eats binary code for breakfast...

Benjamin Borch Hansen, Business Development
The charismatic Don Juan whose skills at the poker tables are only surpassed by his eloquent sales pitches...

Barry The Beaver, Motivator
Head of good times at Muzui and ladies' man/animal. Often referred to as cute as a button but he is actually an irritating little fart.


Blog blabber

Twitter tweets

29.09.2008 - 13:49
  Here at Muzui we recently adopted a new pet. More specifically a beaver called Barry. Exactly where he comes from is anyone’s guess and how he got here is for the one, who threw him through the windows of our penthouse offices, and the furry phenomenon himself to know.   Here’s what we’ve learned about him so [...]
17.09.2008 - 07:51
Muzui developers, are working on our own turn-based multiplayer backgammon game. The game consists of a Java version for Muzui gamesite, and a Java version downloadable for your mobile phone. The scoresystem ELO has been modified a bit, to better suit Muzui users - but the moves, features and strategies of the game are left as [...]
16.09.2008 - 08:49
Yesterday Don Reisinger, wrote an article about on We were happy to see a large amount of traffic coming from TechCrunch, aswell as some positive feedback and criticism from the users/readers of TechCrunch. Building a new social site from scratch, is not an easy task - so we try to listen to the users, in [...]
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