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The Muzui Secret Sauce

...It's soulfood for millions of mobile gamers!

We've seen the development from gaming on Commodore to mobile phones. We love the progress. Amiga was our amigo. In 1984 Apple said never trust a computer you can't lift. 25 years later, Muzui says never trust a computer you can't fit in your pocket.

With almost 8 million downloads, Muzui is the largest mobile gaming community in Northern Europe.

The Magic Ingredients

Muzui gained the overwhelming amount of mobile downloads by applying the fundamentals of the new Web: We have a genuine interest in our users. Our gaming network is compromised of mobile games sites and social networks. Consequently, we have innumerable loose connections in our social gaming network, rather than a small number of close connections.


The clash of digital media creates new synergies. We allow you to challenge your friends and create games online and on the mobile phone.


Cut of one leg and it will grow out again. Muzui is being integrated on all mobile platforms and all major social networks.


Our games are contagious. More than 7 million downloads through our gaming hotspots and still growing.


Play the games with your friends. Build and share online and on the mobile phone.

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