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Convergence is not only a technological change, it's a social shift that in our case will change the users' experience of gaming, bringing them closer together.

Although we're seeing a higher degree of openness on social networks with initiatives like Open Social, social networks are still only semi-permeable.

Muzui Is a Starfish

With Muzui, we are taking social gaming to the next level, where we fully utilize the synergies of networking, convergence, and decentralization.
With multiple platforms and a range of interconnected applications on social networks,
Muzui truly is decentralized.

Like a starfish, if you cut of one leg of Muzui it will grow out again.

The New Frontier

Unlike the Web, where there are somewhat clear standards, the mobile domain is still a battleground, where large corporations fight for proprietary platforms.

The lack of clear standards result in slow and costly porting and an unfortunate lack of innovation that is detrimental to all links in the value chain from the mobile content developers to the end users.

Gradually, platform owners are opening their systems to accommodate 3rd party mobile game developers. This bridges the different platforms, enabling a higher degree of convergence and innovation.

Muzui Is in CrossFire

The lack of compatibility between mobile platforms inhibits innovation. We love innovation and want to see everyone contribute to the progress.

We're working on an open-source solution that will run everywhere and will embrace the possibilities of decentralization. We call it CrossFire (CROSS abbreviates Cross-platform Real-time Open Social System).

CrossFire is a game API that embraces the possibilities of convergence.

A Grand Vision

CrossFire isn't about what will be big in 2009; it's about what will be big in 2009 and beyond.


CrossFire separates the code base and design, allowing fast and seamless porting to Java, Flash, Doja, and even objective C(the Iphone).


On the design side, CrossFire has one screen format that is resized and positioned to fit the particular screen real-time.


In the near future we'll open our API, so developers can use it freely. In addition, we'll give them the opportunity to distribute and monetize their games through the Muzui gaming network.

Social system

Developers will have the opportunity to integrate all the characteristic social features of Muzui.

CrossFire gives us the ability to do fast, cheap, and seamless porting to different platforms and real-time packing for ads and user personalization... all in the Muzui spirit.
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