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Snackey The Snake


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Snackey the Snake - Free Mobile Phone Game

Snackey is the Snake that is always hungry. It is your job to get him as much food as possible without hitting the walls our yourself. But watch out, as Snackey gets bigger and faster with each meal. If you like Snackey you will definitely like this other free online game.

Did You Know: Original Snake Mobile Game

The first known microcomputer version of Snake, titled worm, has been around since 1978, where it was developed by the American P. Trefonas on the TRS-80 computer, and published by CLOAD magazine the same year.

However, it only recently became hugely popular when it embedded as a standard java mobile game on Nokia mobile phones (or 'cellphones' as those crazy Americans like to say).

The original Snake mobile game was for monochrome phones and the graphics were made of black squares, and it had 4 directions. Snake II mobile phone game also worked for monochrome mobile phones. Snake improved to a snake pattern, introduction of bonus items, a 'cyclical' play area and mazes.
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