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Poco Loco


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Poco Loco - Free Mobile Phone Game

Ready to go loco with Poco Loco? In this free online game, the crazy Mexican is trying to keep the gringos out of his town. American soldiers and jeeps desperately try to stop the feverish Poco Loco. If you like this action game, you can also download the free mobile phone game.

Did You Know: Java Mobile Phone Games

Java is the most popular choice for mobile game development. Java, or the Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) platform to be precise, is convenient for developing mobile phone games because it's free and open. Java is a standard in the industry.

All major handset makers use it which means almost all mobile phones are java enabled. Java is especially optimized for small devices, is lightweight, and is highly secure because applications written on it cannot access or affect other applications running on the phone/device.
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