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The Shadow


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The Shadow - Free Mobile Phone Game

The Shadow is the place where Tetris meets Super Mario. A kid got his soul stolen by an evil Shaman, and now his quest to get it back begins. You have to get The Shadow through each level without getting eaten by the flesh-eating flowers, while still picking up all the diamonds in each level. This game requires a lot of thinking. Each flower turns into a rock when killed. The rocks can be used to reach higher grounds. If you are not careful you might not be able to reach the higher ground, thereby not completing the level.

This free java mobile game is a must-have on any mobile phone, be it Ericsson, Nokia or Samsung. Try out Underdogs as well.

Did You Know: Social Games

Social Games are a new category of fun, simple applications that operate on social platforms. Social games run on Facebook, Bebo, Myspace and other major social networks. They are opening up a whole new world of possibilities where you can show off your artistic skills, technical skills, and knowledge.
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