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Jumping Quinn


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Jumping Quinn - Free mobile Phones Game

Who doesn't love penguins?! In this cute little online game, you jump from box to box trying to catch those fishies. In its simplicity, this free online game is addictive. If you can't get your mind of the game, download the free mobile game, so you can play anytime anywhere. If you like this games, you will probably also like Penny & Drew

Did You Know: Mobile Phones

Since 1998, mobile phones has had an integrated radio and since 2001 the mobile phone had an integrated music player available. With such mobile phones, you can play music files like on a MP3 player. Many mobile phones offer the possibility to expand memory using a memory card.

With the introdustion of color screens and Java, mobile phone games have becom very popular. Today, cell phone games have come a very long way. Their graphics are about the same as you would expect on a 4th or 5th generation game console.
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