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Boom - Free Mobile Phone Game

BOOM BABY! This fancy little game of minesweeper is off the hook. Sweep the minefield without getting yourself blown into smitherines.
  • You have probably played Minesweeper on your trusted old PC.
    But you have never played it Beaver-style. Barry's got some real nasty surprises hidden for you.You have to clear the minefield, without hitting any bombs.This is a mashup between Mother Theresa and Rambo, saving lives while kicking ass. You think you have what it takes to clear the field?
  • Give it go!.
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Did You Know: Iphone Games

Got an iPhone? Then you download ten times more mobile games on average, than people who have another mobile phone.

Although only one percent own an iPhone, the owners amount for 14 percent of all mobile game downloads. 32.4 percent of all iPhone owners have downloaded mobile phone games for iPhone. The average figure for all mobile phone owners are as low as 3.8 percent.

The reasons so many mobile phone games are downloaded on the iPhone is believed to the availability of mobile games in hte App Store, which is quite extensive and also iPhones large pressure-sensitive screen and nice graphics.
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