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Barry's Block Challenge


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Barry's Block Challenge - Free Mobile Phone Game

This free mobile java game is one of the most downloaded games on Muzui. The gameplay is like Tetris, but with the ridiculously cool Barry by your side. In Barry's Block Challenge you get to play the good old game of Tetris with Barry the Beaver as your loving and caring coach. Try not to upset Barry though, the worse you do, the more Barry will feel like you try to ridicule him.
Try to place the falling blocks, so there are no spaces between them. When you fill out an entire row, it's removed. Your goal is to keep the blocks from reaching the top.
  • Use bombs to get ahead
  • Beware of Barry's temper
  • Enjoy a game of Tetris
With 1 million downloads and satisfied mobile gamers, you would be a fool not to try out this awesome free online and mobile game.

Did You Know: Original Tetris Mobile Game

Tetris is the ur-text of casual and mobile games, having a profound influence on game design over the twenty-three years since its creation. Although many have tried to duplicate its success, no casual or mobile game has yet to achieve Tetris’ amazing popularity.

Year after year Tetris mobile game tops the charts of mobile phone games beating the big, complex mobile games with amazing mobile graphics. It accounts for around 8.5 percent of all mobile game sales in North America for a number of reasons. At its core, Tetris’ elegant design is intuitive, rewarding, and simple to play.
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