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Archaenon - Free Mobile Phone Game

This free mobile phone game is very popular with its simple gameplay and addictive nature. It is a puzzle game, that provides a mashup of classics: Sudoku meets Tetris. See if you can remove all the rocks, but beware. This is not as easy as it seems, as no man, I mean rock, can be left behind. You have to free all the rocks that are linked together, but in the end you have to one rock consisting only of the same blocks. And believe us it's harder than you think! You’ll love Barry’s Block Challenge if you liked this game.

Did You Know: Mobile Games

There will be 220 million mobile gamers by 2009. Naturally, the mobile gaming business will have a bigger portion of the profit pie for the cellular carriers and handset makers - mobile games are hitting the mainstream.

In recent times, mobile games have become very popular by providing personal entertainment on a whole new level. Mobile gaming plays a pivotal role in revenue generation for the cellular carriers, game publishers, and handset makers.
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