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Sneaky little troublemaker, you obviously came to get your hands on free "off-the-hook" mobile games. You would probably grab them without permission if we tried to stop you.

Instead let's make it easy: choose how you want to download our awesome mobile games, so you can get your freebie on.
Play anywhere on anything.

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Download the games on our cool mobile website. This way, you can also check out new challenges and highscores on the fly.

Just go to the address below on your mobile phone:

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Hints & How-Tos

Downloading our free mobile phone games is easy as abc. But before you try to download, you need to check three things:

1. Make sure text-messaging and Internet service is enabled on your phone.

2. Make sure your phone is set up properly with the correct WAP/GPRS settings. These are the functions that enable your phone to go online

3. If you are using a top-up card, make sure you have sufficient credit before purchasing.

If you don't have WAP/GPRS, the easiest way to set up it up is to call your mobile service provider. Often, they'll send you the configuration as a text message, within minutes.
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